The Process of Moving Into a Sober Home

So, you recently completed medical detox and inpatient treatment, and you were ready to take the next appropriate step on your journey of addiction recovery. This typically means packing your bags and moving into a sober living home. If you are moving into a sober home for the first time, you might be wondering what to expect. What does the process look like? How often will you have to pay rent? Will you be asked to put down a deposit – and if so, how much? While the process will vary depending on the specific sober home that you are moving into, there are certain things that you can consistently expect.

Thinking About Moving Into a Sober Living Home?

People who live in sober homes are essentially responsible for themselves and for paying their way. They cover their rent (usually every month), they buy their food and toiletries, and they keep up with daily and weekly chores while maintaining a clean personal space. Most reputable sober homes, like Riverbend Residence, require their residents to follow a strict set of rules and guidelines to help them stay accountable and stay out of trouble. They are usually asked to find a job or return to school, and they are required to participate in daily 12-step meetings while actively working through the steps with the sponsor.

They are required to respect one another at all times, and quickly resolve any discrepancies that arise. Residents have access to support staff members at all times, who they can ask for advice or additional support whenever needed. But how exactly does the process of moving into a sober home unfold? We have outlined some steps below – for additional information please feel free to reach out at any point in time.

The Process of Moving Into a Sober Home

What Does Moving Into a Sober Home Look Like?

When it comes to finding the right sober home for you, there are several things to keep an eye out for. First of all, you will want to make sure that the sober home is gender-specific, meaning that men and women live separately.

You will want to keep an eye out for any red flags, which might include a messy living space, three or four people crowded into one small bedroom, and a very flexible set of guidelines. Believe it or not, the more strict the guidelines the more reputable the sober home is.

Look for a residence that maintains a strict curfew, requires residents to sign a daily meeting sheet, and keeps up with daily chores. It might seem like a lot, but it will all help you in the long run. Organization, structure, supervision, and management are the core values of a well-run, well-maintained, and reputable sober home.

Directions on Moving Into a Recovery Residence

If you or a loved one are moving into a sober home for the first time, it should not be a scary or uncomfortable experience. Moving into a sober home typically follows these processes and in the end, looks like this:

  • While you are still in inpatient addiction treatment, your case manager and the clinical staff members help you find a sober home that meets all of your personal needs and requirements.
  • Most sober homes require monthly rent – however, because active addiction strips men and women of the ability to function at a basic human level, it is very possible that potential residents do not have enough money to cover a month upfront. If this is the case, then residents might be able to pay rent on a biweekly basis.
  • Before a potential resident moves into the facility, he or she typically takes a walk-through tour and meets the other residents. He or she is giving a rundown of all of the rules and determines whether or not the sober home is an ideal fit.

Riverbend Residence – What Sets Us Apart

To learn more about Riverbend Residence or to take a walk-through tour, call us today at (844) 505-3447 to speak with a Sober Living Advocate. We look forward to explaining the process of moving into a sober home more in-depth and helping you or your loved ones continue along on the journey of recovery. Our gender-specific sober homes in Northern New Jersey are among the most reputable and comprehensive available in the state.