Is Riverbend Residence a Reputable Sober Home?

The transition from addiction treatment back into fully independent living can be a major adjustment. Individuals who recently completed a multi-phase program of clinical care are often concerned about the reduced levels of accountability and structure they will face when they go back to living on their own, with their family, or with roommates, as the case may be.

Is Riverbend Residence a Reputable Sober Home?

Why Go Into a Sober Living Home?

In most cases, it is recommended that individuals transfer into a sober living house immediately after they complete inpatient treatment. This allows for an increased level of structure and support as the individual navigates early sobriety and learns to live his or her life without the inclusion of drugs or alcohol.

Essentially, sober living housing refers to a communal residence that serves as a necessary and intermediary step between addiction treatment and the eventual return home. If you have recently completed a higher level of clinical care and you were looking to make the transition into a sober living home, you must find one that is licensed, accredited and reputable.

Sadly, with the rise of substance abuse and addiction, many Sober living homes have been founded that don’t necessarily have the best interest of their residents at heart – the owners of these homes are more concerned with making a profit than they are with keeping their residents safe and sober. When looking for a reputable sober living environment, there are several important things to keep an eye out for. We’ve put a list together so the sober living home search process can be easier for you.

What To Look For in Reputable Sober Homes

When choosing a reputable sober home in New Jersey, there are several things to keep an eye out for. Be on the lookout for the following things:

  • The location of the sober home. Before committing to a program of long-term residential care, visit the sober home and take a self-guided tour of the area. Make sure that the sober home is located in a safe neighborhood, and that it is within close distance to recovery-related resources like 12-step meeting houses and your intensive outpatient program or outpatient program if you are currently in one.
  • The affordability of the sober home. Make sure that you can afford the monthly rent, and look into whether or not a security deposit is required and whether or not utilities are included. Most reputable sober homes will help you find and maintain a job, ultimately helping you work towards financial independence. Because most individuals who are in early recovery are not in the best financial situations, reputable sober living homes often work with financial capability, developing a payment plan that works for you and your particular case.
  • The amount of structure implemented by a sober home. Reputable sober homes balance structure, accountability, and independence. After all, the main goal is to help you work towards autonomy. take a thorough look at the rules and guidelines and make sure that they’re in a place to keep residents in check. If you are unsure of what to look for, ask for the sober home for a list of alumni and give several of them a call.

Is Riverbend Residence a Reputable Sober Home?

Riverbend Residence is a highly reputable sober living home and we have quickly become one of the premier halfway houses in the area. Our residences are gender-specific and they require all residents to abide by a strict set of rules and guidelines, which were carefully developed to help residents work towards autonomy while developing the life skills they need to maintain sobriety long-term.

We offer structure and accountability, and consistently strive to ensure that the needs of our residents are being adequately and thoroughly met at all times. If you would like to learn more about our gender-specific sober living homes in Sparta, New Jersey, or if you would like to schedule a virtual or in-person tour of our facility, please feel free to reach out to us at any point in time.