What is the Meaning of a Halfway House?

The chances are that you have probably heard of the term, “halfway house” – though you might not fully grasp what this term means. In mainstream media, halfway houses are often depicted as run-down transitional living homes for recently released criminals and other hardened characters. This depiction could not be further from the truth. The stigma surrounding this term is unfortunate and it has been perpetuated for quite some time. Reputable halfway houses provide men and women who are transitioning back to fully independent living with the resources they need to “stay on the right track,” whether this means continuing to advance in their program of addiction recovery or simply staying out of trouble.

While some halfway houses are geared towards men and women who were recently incarcerated, homeless, or who are overcoming mental health issues, others – like Riverbend Residence – are exclusively for men and women who are new to recovery. At Riverbend Residence, we provide a safe and structured environment that offers residents the ongoing support and encouragement they need to avoid relapse and maintain their sobriety.

What is the Meaning of a Halfway House?

How Does a Halfway House Work?

What is the purpose of a halfway house near me, also referred to as a sober living home? Simply put, halfway houses are dedicated to helping men and women successfully transition back into society after they complete inpatient addiction treatment. These halfway houses are generally associated with an inpatient treatment facility, or they are privately run by someone (or a group of people) who has extensive recovery-related knowledge.

The basic rules will vary from residence to residence, but ongoing participation in some variety of intensive 12 step programs will almost always be enforced. Some other strict guidelines that will generally be enforced regardless of the residence include sticking to a curfew, participating in ongoing counseling sessions, participating in support groups, undergoing regular drug screenings, and undergoing vocational training and life skills development training.

The cost of rent will vary, but reputable halfway houses near me will always consider the fact that those who are new to sobriety might not be in the best financial position. At Riverbend Residence, we focus a lot of our attention on thorough vocational training so that our residents can become financially dependent before transitioning to independent living. We understand that not everyone will be able to acquire or commit to a full-time job – if this is the case, we will mandate that school is attended full-time or that the resident in question engages in regular volunteer work. At Riverbend Residence, our main priority is helping our residents further prepare for success in sobriety.

Riverbend Residence – A Personalized Approach

At Riverbend Residence, we offer a personal approach to continued addiction treatment. In the vast majority of cases, sober living will be the final phase in a multi-phased approach to addiction recovery. We encourage all of our residents to begin their journeys with medical detox, then move onto inpatient treatment and finally end with long-term aftercare (which almost always includes an extended stay at a halfway house). We provide gender-specific living situations, which is extremely important when it comes to getting the most out of the overall treatment experience.

Our retreat-style living environment provides residents with all of the comforts of home, as well as some additional amenities geared towards comfort and continued healing. Residents will stay in private or semi-private rooms, each individually decorated to promote tranquility. Each facility is kept clean and tidy, and residents can relax and enjoy state-of-the-art common areas when not engaged in therapeutic care. To learn more, please feel free to give us a call at (844) 505-3447 today. We are also available to give in-person tours of our residences.