How Do You Get Into a Sober Living House

In most cases, entering a sober living home directly after inpatient treatment means the difference between staying sober and relapsing after a short period. Sober living housing allows men and women who are new to recovery the opportunity to live in a structured housing environment with other like-minded individuals, ultimately encouraging and supporting those who are in the same boat while receiving additional encouragement and support. At Riverbend Residence, we have four gender-specific sober living houses in the heart of Sussex County, New Jersey. Our luxury-style houses offer all the comforts of home along with numerous additional, state-of-the-art amenities, all geared towards resident comfort and long-term healing. We enforce several rules and guidelines which are geared towards helping men and women stay sober while developing the vital life skills they need to go on and lead healthy, productive, and substance-free lives.

How do you get into a sober living house?

Getting Into a Sober Living House

If you are currently in a higher level of clinical care, you have recently completed an inpatient treatment program or you are simply looking ahead, you might be wondering how to get into a sober living house. What steps do you need to take? Do you need to complete inpatient addiction treatment before you become eligible? How much will you have to pay – will you have to pay for the cost of sober living out-of-pocket, or will health insurance cover the cost? How often do you pay?

Will you get accepted no matter what, or will you have to undergo some sort of assessment before you can move in? Fortunately, the admissions process is relatively straightforward. Below we have detailed the steps you will take when considering Riverbend Residence as a sober living housing option.

These are the steps you will take when deciding to move into a sober living housing facility like Riverbend Residence:

  1. Decide that sober living is right for you. If you recently completed inpatient treatment, this step is a no-brainer. If you are unsure as to whether sober living is right for you, simply give our Treatment Advisors a call and they will conduct a brief assessment over the phone.
  2. Set up an in-person tour. This will allow you to take a closer look at the residence itself and ask any questions you may have.
  3. Once you have decided that Riverbend Residence is a good fit, set up a time for intake. Our Admissions Counselors will gladly walk you through this process.
  4. Move-in. You will be assigned a private or semi-private bedroom, which is fully furnished and completely ready for you to move into and get settled.
  5. As far as payment goes, rent will be accepted on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on your capability. In the vast majority of instances, rent will be paid out-of-pocket. We work closely with our residents in helping them find a job and become financially independent over time, understanding that they might require some vocational assistance at first.
  6. The length of the stay will depend on the unique and individualized needs of each resident. Most residents will stay for between six months and a full year.

Riverbend Residence – Comprehensive Care

At Riverbend Residence, we are far more than just a place for newly sober individuals to rest their heads. We offer a continuum of clinical care, and we are completely dedicated to helping men and women develop the crucial life skills and relapse prevention skills they need before transitioning back into fully independent living. If you have recently completed inpatient treatment and are looking for the next appropriate level of clinical care, look no further than Riverbend Residence. We are more than happy to set up an in-person tour so that you can see our houses firsthand, and our team of Admissions Counselors will work with you to develop an intake date as soon as you decide to join us on the road to recovery.