How Do You Get Into a Recovery Residence

Sober living homes were developed to help men and women who are new to sobriety seamlessly transition from inpatient drug and alcohol rehab back into fully independent living while maintaining personal accountability. Sober living residences support residents as they navigate early recovery, and require them to follow a certain set of guidelines that were developed to help them stay sober and become fully functioning members of society. While it is recommended that everyone new to sobriety enters into a sober living home, this type of environment is especially beneficial for those who might otherwise lack a strong support system, who have struggled to stay sober in the past (experiencing one or more relapses) or who would not otherwise have access to a safe and stable place to live.

At Riverbend Residence we have carefully developed four gender-specific sober living homes that serve men and women of all ages in Sparta, New Jersey, and all surrounding areas. If you have recently completed inpatient treatment and are looking to take the next logical step on the road to recovery, give us a call today. We are more than happy to answer any additional questions you may have, and schedule an in-person tour so that you can take a closer look at our comfortable, sobriety-friendly homes.

How Do You Get Into a Sober Living House

More About Finding a Recovery Residence

In the meantime, we have mapped out several questions that you will likely have regarding the overall sober living house experience. How much does a sober living house cost? Will you be in your bedroom, or will you be crammed into a tiny space with a bunch of other recovering men or women? How do you even get into a sober living house? First of all, sober living housing costs vary depending on the residence and depending on the unique needs of each person.

What To Look For in a Great Recovery Residence

At Riverbend Residence we understand that active addiction leaves most people in a very unfortunate financial situation and that financial independence is a personal goal that must be worked towards. If you would like to learn more about the coverage options we offer, simply call us today and explain your current circumstances.

There are rules and regulations in the state of New Jersey that put a firm cap on how many men or women can live in one single sober home. We abide by all regulations and offer private and semi-private bedrooms to all of our residents. Our main priority is ensuring that every one of our residents feels as safe and as comfortable as possible. As far as getting into a sober home – what is the process? What are the requirements? We have compiled a checklist below – and remember, if you have any additional questions we are more than happy to answer them in detail the moment you give us a call.

How to get into a reputable recovery residence? Follow these steps and you’ll be on the right track:

  • Most sober living homes require that you have previously completed a higher level of clinical care, which typically includes medically monitored detox and inpatient rehab.
  • Find a sober living home that is both gender-specific and licensed through the state of New Jersey. Do your research. Call potential options and ask them for an alumni list, and speak to people who lived in the house previously and who are still sober.
  • Ask to take an in-person tour of several different houses. Look for a house that is kept clean and tidy, and one that requires residents to follow a strict set of guidelines.

Contact Our Gender-Specific Recovery Residences

At Riverbend Residence, we are dedicated to providing our residents with the life skills and additional support they need to thrive in early sobriety. If you would like to learn more about our gender-specific and fully accredited sober homes in Sparta, New Jersey, reach out to us today at (844) 505-3447 for more information. We look forward to speaking with you more in-depth and scheduling an in-person facility tour at your earliest possible convenience.