Female Sober Living Near Me

Addiction recovery is a multi-phased process – one that generally begins with inpatient medical detox, transitions to inpatient drug or alcohol rehab and finally concludes with aftercare. The specifics of an aftercare program will vary on a person-to-person basis. In most cases, aftercare programs will include a continuation of clinical care (either intensive outpatient or outpatient treatment), 12 step immersion, and a temporary residence at a sober living house. Just like inpatient treatment, individuals who are new to sobriety will benefit from a gender-specific sober living setting.

At Riverbend Residence, we provide four gender-specific sober living houses to men and women in Sussex County, New Jersey, and all surrounding areas. Our comprehensive aftercare program is much more than a traditional sober living home. We provide every one of our residents with a continuation of clinical care and an unmatched level of compassion and support. We believe that sober living should always be the final step of every long-term recovery program.

If you are a newly sober woman, have recently completed a stint in an inpatient treatment center and are actively looking to take the next step in your recovery process, you may be wondering, “Where are there female sober living homes near me,” look no further than Riverbend Residence.

Female Sober Living Near Me

Women’s Halfway Houses Near Me

Riverbend Residence offers a wide range of unique amenities geared towards making the entire sooner living process as beneficial as possible. One of the main goals of sober living is to help those who are new to recovery continue to build upon crucial life skills, coping skills, and relapse prevention skills.

At Riverbend Residence, we work to keep our residents accountable by mandating a certain list of recovery-focused rules and guidelines. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find a reputable and legitimate sober living house in New Jersey. In response to the recent statewide opioid crisis, many unlicensed halfway houses – also known as “flop houses” – have been popping up all over the state for the past several years.

In light of this, it may be difficult to determine which sober living facilities are legitimate and which are not. If you’re in need of women’s halfway houses near me, we are here to help you with this recovery journey. Sober homes for women that are supervised and comfortable pave the path to staying clean and sober while avoiding a relapse.

Find Female Halfway Houses Near Me

You might be wondering how to find a reputable female sober living home near you. There are several ways in which you can determine whether or not a halfway house is right for you. If you have been asking yourself, “Where can I find a female sober living house near me,” take the following steps:

  • Call up the sober living house and request an in-person tour. At Riverbend Residence, we are happy to give tours to any women in New Jersey and all surrounding areas who are looking for a safe and supportive place to live before they transition back into fully independent living.
  • Speak with alumni – find women who previously lived in the sober living house you are looking into, and ask them any questions you might have regarding the house. Ask them how strictly the rules were enforced, what additional services were provided, and whether or not the majority of previous residents are still sober.
  • Take a look at how residents who may have relapse were treated when their slip was discovered. This is one of the major differences between a flophouse and a legitimate sober living facility. At Riverbend Residence, if a resident returns to drinking or drug use we will not simply kick her out on the street with nowhere to go. We will help her transition back into a higher level of care – one that allows for less personal freedom.

What Sets Riverbend Residence Apart

Many things set Riverbend Residence apart from other female or women’s sober living homes. Above all else, we will always put the needs of our residents first – we continue to offer compassionate care in a safe and supportive environment, guiding women through the early stages of recovery so that they can ultimately go on to lead happy, healthy, substance-free lives.