Can You Have a Job and Live in a Halfway House?

Most men and women who are committed to addiction recovery will transition into a halfway house (also known as a sober home or sober living home) as soon as they complete medical detox and inpatient treatment. Halfway houses are designed to provide recovering men and women with additional structure and support as they attempt to navigate a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle. These types of housing environments are particularly important if a person doesn’t have a safe and supportive home to return to once inpatient treatment has come to an end, or if a person has suffered from a severe substance abuse disorder in the past that resulted in a wide range of personal consequences.

Gainful Employment Strengthens Your Sobriety

Many people who struggle with drug addiction and alcoholism lose quite a lot to the disease – they lose the support and trust of their friends and family members, their ability to function at a basic level, and what was once a positive career trajectory. Professionalism suffers immensely. Many men and women lose their careers as a direct result of their drinking or drug use. Either they show up to work intoxicated, show up late and nursing a hangover or forget to complete important functions because they are too busy obtaining, using, and recovering from their substance of choice.

Can You Have a Job and Live in a Halfway House?

Working and Living in a Halfway House

One of the main functions of every reputable halfway house is to help men and women who are new to recovery get back on the right track as far as their careers go. At Riverbend Residence we offer vocational training services geared towards helping all of our residents find and maintain gainful employment.

Most halfway houses require that each resident find a job and work either full or part-time. If for any reason a resident cannot work, he or she is required to re-enter into a schooling program or volunteer/participate in community service as frequently as possible.

Halfway Houses Offer Resources for Finding Employment

Reputable halfway houses like Riverbend Residence understand that finding a job does not necessarily come easily to some residents, especially after an extended experience with active drug or alcohol addiction. Some things that could stand in the way of finding an appropriate occupation include:

  • Felony convictions that occurred during active addiction
  • Not knowing how to properly format a resume
  • Not knowing proper interview etiquette and not knowing how to dress appropriately for in-person job interviews
  • Consistently finding work that is inappropriate for someone who is in early recovery (like bartending or working at a marijuana dispensary, for example)
  • Bringing old habits to a new workplace – habits like showing up late, disrespecting authoritative figures, or stealing money from the register
  • Struggling to balance work and recovery-related obligations (like meeting attendance and meeting up regularly to do step work with a sponsor)

At Riverbend Residence, we are dedicated to helping our residents navigate early recovery as they successfully find an appropriate job. To learn more about our vocational training services or to learn more about what sets Riverbend Residence apart from other New Jersey halfway houses, simply pick up the phone and call us today.

Riverbend Residence and Vocational Training

If you are currently looking for a gender-specific halfway house in Sparta, New Jersey, or any surrounding area, look no further than Riverbend Residence. Our halfway houses focus on much more than helping residents stay clean and sober – they provide clients with the support they need to reintegrate as productive members of society. In most cases, this means holding down a stable and appropriate job. It can be difficult for men and women who are new to sobriety to find careers that meet all of their needs while contributing to their recovery. We are dedicated to helping our residents not only find jobs that suit them but find careers that they can maintain and grow in for years to come.