The Best Sober Homes in the United States

If you have recently completed a high level of clinical care, such as an extended stay at an inpatient rehab center, the next logical step is continuing to a sober home. Sober homes were developed to help men and women who are new to recovery navigate a drug and alcohol-free world as they continue learning the coping mechanisms they need to succeed. Early recovery is a time that very often requires extensive additional support. It can be a very vulnerable time, and men and women who are new to sobriety tend to relapse within the first year if they lack structure and ongoing support in their residential environment.

Choosing the right sober home for you is an important process, one that is not always super straightforward. Of course, you will want to find a sober home that suits you and meets all of your personal needs and requirements. Reputable sober homes tend to be gender-specific, and many are broken down into more specific demographics. For example, some sober living homes cater specifically to those with dual diagnosis disorders, while others cater specifically to men and women who have high profile careers and who need additional support as they transition back into full-time work. No matter who you are or what your background is, you will want to find the best sober home for you. But what makes a sober home an ideal choice, and how do you go about finding the best sober home in the United States?

The Best Sober Homes in the United States

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What makes a sober home one of the best sober living facilities in the United States? Is the best sober home the sober home with the highest ratings – the one that currently has a solid five-star review on Google? Is the best sober home the one with a private chef, an expansive swimming pool in the backyard, and a massage therapist on staff to work out any knots with the snap of a finger? In reality, the best sober homes are the most reputable – the ones that consistently keep the well-being of each resident in mind, and offer an extensive range of recovery-related services and resources to help each resident maintain sobriety long-term.

Finding Reputable Sober Living Homes

When looking for a good sober home, it is important to keep all of your requirements in mind. However, there are also some general rules of thumb – things that every great sober home will have. We have compiled a list of things to look for regardless of who you are, where you are in your journey of addiction recovery, and what your personal needs are. Each situation is individualized and requires a unique approach that will help achieve lasting recovery. The things to look for in every great sober home include:

  • Look for a sober home that is located in a safe neighborhood, and is in an area of the country that is rich with recovery-related resources.
  • Look for a sober home that requires residents to stick by a solid-state of rules and guidelines, geared towards keeping them sober and helping them maintain personal accountability while developing a sense of responsibility and individuality.
  • Look for a sober home that caters to your unique needs. for example, maybe you need extra help when it comes to vocational training and job placement. If this is the case, look for a sober home that helps its residents find and keep an appropriate job. Or, say you need extra help when it comes to diet, nutrition, and exercise. If you want to learn how to shop and cook food for yourself and how to stay motivated when it comes to participating in physical activity, look for a sober home that offers nutritional guidance and includes something like a gym membership or a membership at a local yoga studio.

There are many amazing sober homes out there – you just have to know where to look and what it is you’re looking for.

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